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Better Lunchtimes will not only add sustainable revenue to your business by increasing the take up in every school we work in, but will change a culture of school lunchtimes in the process, ensuring your clients sustainably prioritise the maintaining of a much better school lunchtime.

We combine the very best of both worlds, offering a decade of experience working in schools across the United Kingdom in addition to the business acumen in the realms of contract catering.

As an independent company we’ll give you a personal service that is innovative and proactive in developing, building and prioritising relationships between us, yourselves and your clients.

the data

We have improved the take up of school meals in 100% of the schools we’ve worked in since December 2017.

School meals take up in infant and primary schools [from worst to best] has increased an average of 16% over an eight month period, generating £15K in increased school meals revenue, per school.

Pupils positive perception of the lunch experience has increased an average of 38% following our intervention.

Schools have reported that incidents at lunchtimes reduced, on average, of 28% following a 4-week study (before/ after intervention).

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how we do it?

Using our evaluation tool, we’ll visit the schools in your contract, spending time observing the key areas that we know contribute to the smooth running of a lunch service.

No stone is unturned as we provide detailed feedback to the school, with clear actions and resources demonstrating how we’ll support them to improve the lunch provision.

Focussing on building relationships between all parties, we’ll become an operational member of staff, whilst empowering those who operate during lunchtime to implement suggested changes until we’re all satisfied with the results.

Paying close attention to the data (regular take up, student perception and opinions) and communicating with staff, parents and pupils – you can keep close tabs on the progress as we ensure the schools under your contract are operating in the most optimal manner- contributing solely to an improved take up.

pupil engagement

With our audit and evaluation tool, we not only make key observations to the running of the school lunch service, the roles and responsibility of staff, the food quality and choices on offer, but we listen to the pupils and staff that are present at lunchtime every single day -offering the best possible insight for improvement!

We discuss with pupils the factors they have control over in opting to choose a school meal, prior to working with the senior leadership team and the lunch staff to embed a much better offering.


Most of our communication to parents is via the children!

Whether that’s encouraging the school council to conduct surveys exploring the quality of packed lunches, or hosting the issuing of regular pieces in the school news letter – parents will always know that children are taking initiative to improve their lunch time.

Parents are the key decision makers. They decide whether a child eats school meals (particularly in primary schools) as they are responsible for the funding. Parents opt out for school meals for a number of reasons including:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Choice

We can host Q+As demonstrating how packed lunches are an ineffective use of money (and time), and will encourage messages of healthy eating in school via display boards, regular newsletters, food policies and guidance for packed lunches.

lunch staff

Having identified LSMA’s (or midday supervisors, as they are often known) often feel undervalued, unappreciated and more significantly lack the confidence to take ownership in running the most effective lunch period, we spend a significant amount of time communicating with lunch staff to hear their thoughts and opinions in improving service.

We’ll work with your schools in building a confident, proactive and cohesive lunch team, involving your caterers who are all proud of their service – embedding a whole systems approach to the school lunchtime.

The most frustrating and tenuous barrier a school catering provider faces is managing relationships. Relationships exist between the caterer and the school team, the pupils, the parents or quite simply the environment lunch is served in!

Despite the efforts and intentions to increase consumption of school meals – even the most resourceful providers do not have the capacity to manage the aforementioned relationships which is having a direct impact on your up take.

Our Better Lunchtimes Mark programme has been devised to not only build, but to maintain a culture of school lunchtimes, embedding an approach that encompasses the whole school in recognising and prioritising the maximum number of pupils consuming a school lunch.

We’ve got the data – and you, like us, know that school lunches provide pupils with adequate nutrition to optimise their learning and development.

Once we’ve consulted with you and the school, we’ll devise such a comprehensive evaluation and operation that even the most challenging of schools, with our support will see an improvement of service.

Our aim is your aim – to maximise the number of pupils consuming a school meal.

Leave it with us.

School Health UK

“‘We’re pleased at Fresh Start with the partnership we’ve built with School Health UK and a number of schools in our contract. By strengthening relationships between the school and us, we’re able to offer a more comprehensive lunch service to the hundreds of pupils consuming a school lunch every single day!”

Andrew Howarth – Managing Director, Fresh Start Catering