the better lunchtimes mark

“We struggled to encourage an increase in school meals take up, despite the food quality being high – however, with School Health UK working with us and chatting with our parents, they now feel confident that school meals are the right option and take up has risen!”

Christine – Head Teacher, Lincolnshire

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‘The School Lunchtime Improvement Programme from The People Who Have Improved More School Lunchtimes Than You’ve Had School Dinners…’

A More Time Efficient Lunch Period

Calmer, Happier, More Social Students

Better organised, Well Zoned Playgrounds

Healthier More Nutritious Lunch Boxes

Happier, Motivated and Effective Lunch Staff

Playground incidents at lunchtime reduce an average of 28% following a 4-week study (before/ after intervention).

Improved School Meals Take Up

Staff Intervention and Training

Pupils positive perception of the lunch experience increases an average of 38% following our intervention.

Guaranteed Improvement

Great Use of PE and Sports Premium

better lunchtimes

The Better Lunchtimes mark has changed a culture of school lunchtimes since it’s birth in December 2017. Since then we’ve improved the lunch experience for nearly half a million pupils across the United Kingdom!
Critical to working with schools is the ability to recognise that no two schools are the same. The Better Lunchtimes mark programme has been meticulously designed to adapt to even the most unique school lunch provisions.
Despite recognising that each school runs its lunchtime uniquely to the other, we have identified common, and thematic areas that are often overlooked. We’ve demonstrated the impact addressing these areas has on the embedding and improving a school lunch provision – for good.

Focusing on key components that we believe comprise the best lunchtimes, we’ll provide you with a detailed evaluation report, with actions and resources prior to working in your school with staff and pupils to make lunchtimes better.

We’ll use information collated from our observation of service, data you’ve provided us, information from the lunch team and key conversation points from students to embed the best action plan going forward.

We’ll then support your school team for as long as it takes – in improving a much better lunch experience.

We believe a remarkable school lunch time encourages five key areas:

A Social Interacting and a Family Dining Eating Space

A Diverse, Stimulating, Well-Varied Outdoor Area

A Pleasant, Whole School, Social Experience

A Full School Culture of Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy, Well Balanced and Great Tasting Food

How it works?


We’ll explore the current data with regard to your school meals take up and discuss with you the areas that you’ve identified as needing addressing.


We’ll then observe the whole of the service (inside and out), talk with staff and students, explore the food and catering provision and conduct our incredibly effective student experience survey’. All of this will allow us to complete a full representation of the lunchtime in your school.


Having observed the key areas, and collating information and data gathered from surveys, observations and conversations; we’ll have a debriefing session with yourself, offering a quick review of what was noted.


Once we have collated all of the information, you will receive your report broken down into key sections. We will report and score, with comments, each area of the lunch provision, including:

The Atmosphere and Experience
Staffing Roles and Allocation
The Healthy Eating Culture
The Dining Space
Time Efficiency
Food Quality (School meals/ packed lunches)
Pupil Roles and Behaviour
Playground Zoning and the Outdoor Provision

With your report, you’ll receive an overall score and grading.
Ranging from:
Modest – Remarkable


You will receive our support on a regular basis, with us working with you, the catering team, the lunch staff, your pupils and anyone else noted in the report involved in improving lunchtime. We will support you all the way, addressing and advising on every noted aspect of your school lunch time – ensuring the improving of each and every aspect of the lunch experience in your school.


We will then reassess your lunch time and note that you have a much Better Lunchtime!

“Our School lunchtimes have improved significantly in the space of 8 months! The Atmosphere has completely changed, the playground is better, children are calmer, take up has improved and now even staff eat in our dining room now!”

Rachel. Head teacher – MK

If, like the majority of head teachers in the country, you’ve identified lunchtimes as an area you want to improve, our better Lunchtimes programme will turn your lunchtimes around with one visit!