About us

School Health UK

School Health UK has completely transformed lunchtimes in hundreds of primary schools across the United Kingdom, by feeding thousands of hungry minds and shaping the way in which lunchtimes contribute to school health since December 2016.

We have achieved this through our Better Lunchtimes Mark programme which targets all aspects of lunchtime and ensures school leaders are prioritising every component of the lunch provision and enhancing the experience of the whole school day.

Our successes have been recognised by both local and national media, and we are key stakeholders in parliamentary party groups on both school health and obesity, regularly contributing to key public health consultations. Our aspiration for feeding hungry minds is driven by our passion to promote children’s health and wellbeing and tackle childhood obesity by 2030, which we believe can be directly contributed to by ensuring as many children as possible across the country are consuming healthy and nutritious school meals and having a remarkable lunchtime experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustained health and wellbeing in pupils across the country by providing children with the healthiest and most nutritious lunch experience in every single primary school across the country.

Our Values

Healthy food

Every child has the right to enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

Supportive lunchtime

Every child has the right to a calm, positive and supportive lunchtime environment which encourages social development and positive behaviours.


Every child has the right the explore, develop, and grow at lunchtime.

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