Training packages can be added to any of our Better Lunchtimes Mark programmes. Alternatively, this can be available to schools as a separate booking.

Both sessions outlined below are offered as a half day course, running for three hours which can be timed flexibly to fit in to a twilight or a half day’s INSET.

A Positive Pledge: Improving lunchtimes through a whole school approach

Do all the adults feel empowered to promote a positive climate of respect in your school?

Is there a consistent approach to behaviour management from all the adults in the school?

Is your approach to behaviour policy simple and effective for all times of the day?

This course forms part of a holistic approach to improving lunchtimes; it aims to help schools establish a positive and respectful culture through a whole school approach. This practical course helps schools to develop strategies and an approach to support all staff to feel empowered to deal with behaviour in a calm and effective way. Consistency is key and we will explore how this can be achieved in pragmatic ways that build on the work of the Education Endowment Fund, Paul Dix and Tom Bennett.

Course Aims

To empower all adults to tackle behaviour and establish a positive climate at lunchtimes

Promote positive praise and recognise good behaviours throughout the school day

Analyse where and why lunchtimes go wrong and to pre-empt problems with solutions

To provide strategies to tackle challenging scenarios effectively and consistently

Course Outline

Why a healthy culture matters?
School culture is a mind-set and pupils flourish in a positive climate

For pupils to grow and reach their full potential
Everyone thrives in a positive culture which impacts on learning

Collaboration is key to success

How is consistency achieved?
All adults being clear about expectations every day
All adults using the same positive approach to build relationships

All adults using the same language every day
Keeping behaviour management simple to implement for all

Identification of next steps in establishing a whole school approach to lunchtimes – policy into practice

Making a pledge to establish consistency

What inspectors will look for

Why a positive lunchtime is the foundation for good learning & happy teachers

Rachel Gallyot

Rachel has been a Headteacher and a Regional Director for a MAT looking after primary, secondary and special schools; she has written and delivered a range of professional development courses to support leaders with school improvement. She still regularly teaches and enjoys being part of school life! She recognises that lunchtimes form a key part of the school day and contribute hugely to the quality of both pupil and staff well-being. She is delighted to be working in collaboration with School Health UK.

Healthy Staff, Healthier Pupils

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