Lunchtime Supervisor Training

Our Better Lunchtime Training Package offers a complete 360-View of improving your lunchtime.

Bringing together our Safer & Better Lunchtimes Mark with the most comprehensive training package to ensure your lunchtimes are finally sorted… for good.

Consultation with senior leaders

Direct feedback to SLT following an observation and evaluation of your lunchtime

Practical action plan and mapping to address highlighted areas of improvement

A 120-minute training session with the whole of your lunch team

Physical resources

Ongoing support for colleagues for as long as they need it



What is it?


Most training for midday/lunchtime supervisors is usually not very good. 

More often than not, a nice lady will come into your school, sit your team in a little circle, hand out some activity cards, talk to them about not shouting at pupils, force them to act out the activities on the cards to one another, she’ll leave, the cards will be popped in a cupboard and a month later lunchtimes are the same as they’ve always been… which, in our experience is not great!

To ensure the most positive, pleasant, calm and organised lunchtime in school, we need to be sure to address each component – with a huge part of that being a proactive and confident lunch team.

We often find that once we give colleagues at lunchtime a voice and we talk through solutions to the problems they have, whilst applying decades of experience (having seen quite literally every single type of lunchtime you could imagine) then, they feel confident, clear and we can be sure of a much Better Lunchtime – one that doesn’t require senior leaders to be part of five days a week!

How does it work?


The Better Lunchtimes 360 training encompasses four key components to ensure that every factor of improving your lunchtime is explored – beginning with a brief consultation with senior leaders, following a detailed observation and evaluation, then ending with a 120-minute customised training session with your lunch team.  


The Day typically looks like this:

A Briefing with yourself – to explore your initial thoughts and expectations of what a lunchtime should look like

12 -1.15

An Observation of your Lunchtime:
Using our proven Better Lunchtimes and Safer Lunchtimes Mark templates, we’ll ensure we’ve fully seen every aspect of your lunchtime in practice.

1.15 – 1.30
The Debrief – discussing with you what was observed and possible solutions to any issues based on the observation 

1.30 – 3.30
Training and support for your lunch team – a proactive and tailored two-hour training session for your lunch team, based on our observations and discussions with your team.

1. The Briefing

On the day of our visit, we’ll have a half-hour discussion with you and any of your senior leaders, as you highlight to us the specific areas you are ‘less than thrilled’ with and tell us the areas you’d like us to specifically explore – offering us a brief synopsis of how lunchtimes are currently operating 

2. The Observation 


We believe it’s no good commenting on the effectiveness of your lunch team if we haven’t seen them in practice!

Following our briefing with you, we’ll observe the whole of the lunch service, ensuring we have observed every single part of it, using our Safer Lunchtimes & Better Lunchtimes Mark templates, including:

  • The efficiency of the service (timings and movement)
  • The layout, atmosphere and experience (including noise/queues) for pupils in the dining space
  • Staff interaction and the overall running of service
  • Zoning and the running of the playground
  • Dealing with incidents (behaviour and first aid)
  • Executing the end of lunchtime 

We’ll also talk with pupils both indoors and outside to hear their perspective of lunchtime, before debriefing you with findings.


3. The Debrief/ Actions


Once we’ve observed the running of lunchtime, we’ll swiftly debrief you with our findings before beginning the training with your lunch team. During this debrief, we’ll highlight areas we believe you can focus on as areas for improvements and the highlighted points we’ll be discussing with your lunch team, in addition to any priority areas you’d like us to focus – to ensure everyone is on the same page. 




4. Training and support 


Having observed every component of your lunch service, spoken with both staff and pupils and explored key area of focus we’ll begin training your lunch team – based on these findings. 

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The Training (2 hours)

Ensuring we keep training customised to your school around what was explored on the day, the two hours of training with your lunch team is comprised of the following:

How are lunchtimes? (Your perspective)

A review of today’s lunchtime (Based on observation)

Improving the indoor experience for everyone

Refining the layout of the dining space for a calmer more organised service

Mapping and zoning your playground

Allocating staff effectively

Interacting and communicating with pupils

Dealing with incidents

Improving communication

Solutions to common problems

Q+A (ask the expert)



Following the two hours of training, an action plan will be drawn up with your lunch team, based upon all findings from the day. This, along with the mapping/zoning of the playground, a staff matrix and a detailed resource pack (covering key components and solutions to common problems during a lunch period) will be sent to all attendees and senior leaders to ensure that all are aligned with the same plans. 

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