Why this might be the most important training your teachers receives!

The health of our children hit the headlines, again at the beginning of 2019, as it was revealed pupils are consuming 300Ibs of sugar before they hit 10 years old and with the latest stats from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), it appears that childhood obesity is set to double in the next decade. It is no surprise then, that the UK Government is turning to schools to take a responsibility in tackling what is unquestionably the biggest threat to children today.  Ofsted stated boldly in 2018:

‘Education for health is essential and must be done well, without distraction. It will not be done well if schools are devoting time and energy to things in which they are neither expert nor likely to have an impact’ (2018:6)

Healthy Teachers?

recent study, explored that just 34% of teachers felt confident in promoting health and wellbeing to pupils, and according to TES, the value to which teachers are putting on their own health is at an all time low – being the third most stressed workers in Britain, half are turning to food and 60% of them, like the rest of our population, are either overweight or obese.  Teachers are not experts in health and currently, there is very little resource or motivation to up-skill them – until now.

 The Impact

The evidence that teaching children about healthy living impacts on children’s behaviour outside of school and in contributing to pupil’s personal growth and development is unquestionable. Ofsted, accentuates (in the same document), that when training and development on healthy living is offered to staff, this has a fundamental impact and increases confidence to teach:

When staff are more confident re: supporting and teaching topics, children know and trust their teacher and are more likely to ‘apply this knowledge.’

Healthy Staff, Healthier Pupils – The Training

With the British Nutrition Foundation reporting that 7 in 12 teachers had not undertaken any professional development with regard to food in the past two years, Healthy Teachers, Healthier Pupils, developed by School Health UK, is specifically designed for teachers and promises to give staff the confidence, and a lifetime of resources, in understanding nutrition and healthier lifestyles in a bid to embed a Whole School Culture of Health in your school!

We’ll explore, as either a twilight session or as a half day the following:

  •  How to embed a Whole School Culture of Health – Exploring the key principles of healthy eating and nutrition (including busting diet myths!) in order to offer a foundation in embedding a Whole School Culture of Health in school for both staff and pupils! 
  • How to Make Effective Use of Your Sports Premium – Understanding how to implement the PE and Sports Premium effectively to get maximum value.
  • Mental health, Wellbeing and Pupil Engagement – How nutrition impacts our learning, development and our mood! Together we will demonstrate how your break and lunch times are ineffective, may be increasing unnecessary anxiety amongst both staff and pupils and show you how to tackle it!

This training provides a platform for your school to actively engage with the mental health agenda.

  •  Clarity – How do the Childhood Obesity Plans impact our school and what’s on the horizon? 

We’ll deconstruct the most up to date government guidance (including Ofsted’s: Obesity, healthy eating and Physical activity in school’s report the sugar levy and the School Food Plan) offering you the most up to date projections of what’s round the corner for Health in School and how you can get ahead of the curve. 

  • Ask the nutritionist anything! – Possibly the most popular aspect of training. Ask our nutritionist anything about nutrition, health and childhood obesity! 

What Delegates have said? 

“For staff to be able to personally understand and apply health knowledge to themselves, they are now able to execute it to pupils in all areas of the curriculum when food topics come up”

(YW – Head Teacher – East Midlands) 

“Whether this was intentional or not, I now have a group of teachers who have become gurus of health amongst our staff – which has undoubtedly changed a culture! 


(SM – Deputy Head – Buckinghamshire) 

Paul Evans

 Paul’s career in the health and education sector has spanned for over a decade. Including positions as a chef, a nutritionist, a teacher, a counsellor for children and young people with eating disorders, a paediatric health consultant, a freelance journalist, a speaker and currently as the operations director for School Health UK. 

Paul lead on the award nominated Healthy Child Project, that worked with hundreds of primary schools in reducing childhood obesity for Public Health England. 

Over the past three years Paul has had much local and national press coverage and continues to appear and comment regularly on TV and radio on various topics of health. Paul is the Vice Chairman for the British Obesity society and belongs to two All Parliamentary Party Groups for both School Food and Obesity, having spoken in parliament twice. 

He is a school governor in a primary school and is recognised as a leading expert in the field, regularly contributing to articles in the subject of childhood obesity and children’s health. 

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